2 Introduction to the Workshop

Welcome to the BIPH 2023 College Application Workshop! Yours will be the third graduating class from BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, and this will be the third annual workshop session for soon-to-be seniors. This workshop will run from May 15th to June 16th during your AP United States History and AE periods. The first eleven workshop days will feature presentations from the BIPH Office of College Admission covering the most essential elements of the college application. After that, you will connect with your counselor for writing feedback, guidance conversations, and parent meetings.

This website will be your source for presentation materials and assignment templates. And, yes, there will be assigned work during this period! The assignments won’t be graded. They will form the basis of your college applications and ensure that your senior year starts without a hitch. It cannot be stressed enough– you do not want to fall into a pattern of procrastinating important college application work. Superior college applications are well-polished and carefully crafted. Excellent personal statements go through many revisions in response to feedback. Strong candidates for admission have put time, effort, and care into a well-researched school list. The effort you put into this process will bear direct consequences on the quality of your college applications, so we thank you for using this time and these resources wisely.

Your counselor will work closely with you so that you can assess your own priorities for the colleges to which you will apply. They will help you craft narrative writing, supplemental essays, activity lists, and other application materials. They will also help you secure two teacher recommendations and write one of their own about you. During this workshop, they will provide you with information that can help you make sound choices for your school list and they will meet with you and your parents to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

You and your parents can reach your counselor via the email listed above. Additionally, there is a departmental email address which redirects a message to all members of the Office of College admission: .

2.1 Goals

We have many goals for the workshop, some of which are considered essential outcomes. These are the primary goals for this workshop:

  • An initial school list

  • A first draft personal statement

  • A first draft Common Application activity list

  • Two letter of recommendation requests

  • Set-up of Cialfo

  • A parent meeting

  • Teaching Assistantship intent to participate, if applicable

Additionally, there are several secondary goals which, while not essential, will prove beneficial if time permits:

  • An academic interest supplemental essay draft

  • Various brainstorm writing

  • Inventories to determine college fit priorities

  • A essay prompt to-do list

  • Senior Project planning work

2.2 Presentation Schedule

Date Topic Presenter
5-15 Introduction Mr. McClinton
5-16 Cialfo and Systems Ms. Jaime
5-17 Senior Year Mr. McClinton
5-18 Activity Lists Ms. Cameron
5-19 Targets and School Lists Mr. Westbay
5-22 Demonstrated Interest and College Research Ms. Jaime
5-23 Brainstorming Mr. Westbay
5-24 Plot, Character, and Scene Dr. Nelson
5-25 Supplemental Essays Ms. Cameron
5-26 Show, Don’t Tell Dr. Nelson
5-29 The Hook Mr. McClinton